A Swipe of Regret: Devansh’s Tale of Lost Dreams

A Swipe of Regret: Devansh’s Tale of Lost DreamsSwipe of Regret:

Once upon a time, in the bustling heart of India’s Captial New Delhi, there lived a young boy named Devansh. Devansh was unlike any other boy his age; he had dreams as vast as the open sky and a heart filled with ambition.

However, there was one thing that always seemed to distract him – Instagram. He was addicted to scrolling through his feed, liking pictures of his friends, watching reels, and keeping up with the latest trends.

Devansh had just completed his school and had a burning desire to become a civil servant. He aspired to crack the prestigious UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) examination and serve his nation. But, his Instagram addiction was a constant hurdle in his path. Every time he opened the app, he’d find himself lost for hours.

He had enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts course at Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College, University of Delhi. To prepare for the UPSC exam, he also joined Online Coaching From Khan Gs Research Center, which was the first step to achieving his goal. He knew it was a challenging and competitive exam, but he was confident he could crack it with hard work and dedication.

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However, he soon realized that his Instagram addiction was getting in the way of his studies. He could not focus on his lectures, assignments, or mock tests, because he was always distracted by his phone. He would check his notifications every few minutes, reply to messages from his fans, and watch stories from his favorite influencers. He would also spend much time practicing his singing skills, hoping to get more views and likes on his videos.

He started to neglect his studies and his performance began to decline. His grades dropped, his teachers scolded him, and his parents worried about him. He also felt stressed and anxious, as he knew he was wasting his time and potential.

A Swipe of Regret Devansh's Tale of Lost Dreams
A Swipe of Regret Devansh’s Tale of Lost Dreams

During his time at college, Devansh discovered another passion – singing. He had always loved singing, but now, he began to take it more seriously. He joined the college music society and started performing at various events and competitions. His melodious voice quickly gained him recognition among his peers.

One day, he decided to study for the exam. He opened his books and tried to read them. But he could not understand anything. He realized that he had missed a lot of topics and concepts that were important for the exam. He felt confused and frustrated.

He tried to search for online resources and coaching classes that could help him. But he found out that they were either too expensive or too late to join. He felt hopeless and helpless.

He also tried to ask for help from his classmates, who had been studying hard for the exam. But they refused to help him. They said that he had wasted his time and opportunity and that he did not deserve their help. They also said that he was arrogant and selfish and that he did not care about anyone but himself.

He felt angry and hurt. He realized that he had lost the respect and trust of his peers. He also realized that he had no friends left.

He decided to give up on his dream. He thought that it was impossible for him to pass the exam. He thought that he had failed himself and everyone else.

He deleted all his books and notes from his phone and laptop. He also deleted his Instagram account. He thought that it was useless to have followers who did not care about him or his future.

He locked himself in his room and cried. He felt lonely and depressed.

He did not take the UPSC exam. He did not pursue any other career or education. He did not sing or smile anymore.

He wasted his life away.

Summary Of The Above Story: A Swipe of Regret Devansh’s Tale of Lost Dreams

In the heart of New Delhi, there lived a young and ambitious boy named Devansh. He had grand dreams of becoming a civil servant by cracking the prestigious UPSC exam. However, Devansh had a constant distraction – Instagram. His addiction to the app led him to waste hours scrolling through his feed, liking photos, and keeping up with trends.

Despite enrolling in college and joining online coaching to prepare for the UPSC exam, Devansh’s Instagram addiction hindered his studies. He couldn’t concentrate on lectures, assignments, or mock tests because he was glued to his phone, checking notifications, chatting with friends, and watching influencer stories. As a result, his academic performance suffered, causing stress and worry among his teachers and parents.

Devansh’s story highlights the struggle between chasing one’s dreams and succumbing to digital distractions, ultimately leading him down a path of regret and lost opportunities.

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