A Letter To The Fallen Autumn Leaf

A Letter To The Fallen Autumn Leaf

To the fallen Autumn leaf,

You might be surprised to receive this letter since it’s been a long Autumn has left. You might be expecting everyone that you would fade away from people’s memories as your green color faded away with time, but I’m still writing this letter to you.

You know, why?

I’m writing this letter to you because you’re one of those few things reminding me that grief can also be beautiful. You calmed down my worries by teaching me that it’s okay to be not okay. You don’t always need to be in the right state, as beautiful as you always were.

If you can carry your pain and own your flaws, you’re still beautiful.

I’m writing this letter to you as a note of gratitude for making me own myself, on the days I didn’t want to continue my breath. I’m thankful to you for reminding me, that not every time your heart needs to be in spring and it’s okay if your soul seeks for peace in Autumn for a while.

You remind me of my poetry, how when I pour down all those half-dead emotions on the paper and people find them beautiful but when I carry them with me, they find me miserable.

You’re just like those emotions, broken but beautiful.

You’re a reminder of hope, how someone can be absolutely broken, yet it carries all the hope and strength to start again.

You’re an Autumn leaf, a dead soul for many, Beauty for some, and a universe of poetry for me.

Broken like you.


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A Letter To The Fallen Autumn Leaf
A Letter To The Fallen Autumn Leaf

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