Why Apples iPhone 14-Pro Will be MORE Expensive

In 2017 apple shocked the world by raising the price of their flagship iPhone model to 999 and it’s been at that same price for the past few years until now yes it’s looking like apple is about to raise the price on their iPhone 14 pro and 14 pro max models coming next month but don’t worry it sounds like bad news but there is a silver lining that I’m going to reveal and discuss in this Post and I’m also going to talk about why they’re raising the price and what features we should be expecting.

Why Apples iPhone 14-Pro Will be MORE Expensive

As well getting right into it while a lot of people were expecting apple to raise the prices of these models ming chuquo the reliable and famous apple leaker finally came out and confirmed that apple is going to be raising the prices of their iPhone 14 pro model so yes just the pro models, not the regular ones and he did say specifically that they’re gonna raise the iPhone 14 series average sale price by about 15 now that does not mean that they’re going to raise the iPhone 14 pro price,that’s not what it means it just means that on average that’s going to be the average sale price.

Now, this leak does confirm a previous leak from a Korean blogger who said that the iPhone 14 regular model will stay the same price as the iPhone 13 and that means that the iPhone mini is going away no more mini for the 14. So in terms of my own thoughts and predictions for the pricing, this is actually from December the 6.1 inches iPhone 14 will be 7.99 then you pay a hundred dollars more for the larger one.

Why Apples iPhone 14-Pro Will be MORE Expensive

For the 14 pro which is a hundred dollar max or plus model then you have a 10.99 increase and then 11.99 for the pro max also a hundred dollars more than the smaller size and it’s really cool because both larger models will have identical specs just a larger display and battery and I know what you’re thinking apple is crazy they’re greedy they want all your money by increasing these prices but there is a silver lining.

like I said in the starting and that is the chance that we might actually get the 14 pro model with an increased 256 GB of storage compared to the current 128 and that would actually not be that big of a price increase of course you wouldn’t be able to get the lower end model you’ll have to go straight up to 256 but of course, this is gonna add a lot of value to the 14 pro.

Why Apples iPhone 14-Pro Will be MORE Expensive

If it comes with 256 GB of storage however I did speak to mark german and he has some doubts about this he thinks it’s going to stay at 128 GB so I’m not exactly sure but there are some really good hints and reasons for why it could jump up to 256.

First of all, we did get a rumor last year that the iPhone 14 could feature up to two terabytes of storage compared to the current one terabyte iPhone 13 pro so it would actually make sense for the entry-level to start at 256 because it’s like a bigger range and that could make sense why they’re going up to two terabytes and as for another reason with the iPhone 13 lineup apple finally raised the base storage of the regular models to 128 GB which is exactly the base storage of the current 13 Pro.

Why Apples iPhone 14-Pro Will be MORE Expensive

So maybe it’s time for apple to up the base storage of the pro models to 256 so there’s actually some differentiation between the two and that could actually make you want to pay more for the pro model because you see it has double the storage and that’s a nice incentive to upgrade even though it starts at 1100 and getting even more interesting if you look at the current iPhone 13 pro.

Now one of the main reasons for apple to start the 14 pro off with 256 GB of storage.

I think that that price increase is going to be well worth it and if you can afford it you should probably go with that model because I think it’s just going to be incredible.

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