What Were You Told As a Kid ??

As a kid you don’t know how things work you just copy elders or do whatever is instructed, there’s a lot of confusion in that 1270 grams brain of yours. But you’re learning everything at the time, good manners or bad manners you get to know the difference or the difference has been told to you. 

You grow up and you see some words, acceptance is one of them it’s the biggest craving we all had while growing up, from a group of other kids or from our teachers, maybe from our parents, friends, and the known or so-called relatives.

Learning kid

Hitting puberty was all about seeing yourself differently changing your ways of dressing, talking, and even your walk; but even at this stage the craving doesn’t stop now you need it more than ever because you have got the senses your circle has somehow changed and you can feel stuff from a skewed perspective.

You grow younger than older but this word doesn’t go away it’s there always until you give yourself what is required until you accept yourself and embrace this word.

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