Top 10 Popular Types of Blogs that Make Money In 2023

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Blogging is the BEST way to build your brand and grow your income. But what are the different types of blogs out there and which ones are popular? Let’s find out!

01. Personal blogs

Personal blogs as the name suggests are blogs that are maintained by an individual who writes about his/her personal thoughts, experiences, and interests.

2. Food blogs

A food blog is a website or blog that contains information and recipes about food. You can generate millions of visitors to your site by creating food recipes, and nutrition and health advice on your food blogs.

03. Fashion & Lifestyle blogs

On fashion and lifestyle blogs, you can share everything from affordable styling advice to expert advice on how to put together a stylish outfit.

04. Travel Blog

Travel bloggers often write about their experiences in order to share travel tips and advice with their readers who might be interested in visiting the same places.

05. Health & Fitness

If you want to help people make lifestyle changes or simply want to give advice about how to live a healthy life – health and fitness blogs are great for you.

06. Personal Finance

Almost everyone struggles with finance management. Most people don’t know how to save, invest or spend their money. Here’s where frugal and finance blogs come into play.

07. Technology Blog

If you can spend time and money publishing quality posts multiple times a day – technology blogs are just for you.

08.  Personal Development Blog

If you’re passionate about helping people overcome stress, and anxiety or tips on how to be more productive – personal blogs are suitable for you.

09. Digital Marketing Blog

If you’re experienced in digital marketing or marketing in general, you can definitely consider starting a digital marketing blog.

10. Home & Family Blog

Home and family blogs cover topics rangings from parenting to gardening to relationships, dogs, and more.

There are literally dozens of different blog categories out there. The key to finding the right category is to know your passion and skills. Then, use keyword tools to find the competition for topics you want to rank for. Analyzing your competitors also helps you determine the profitability of your blog topic.