SSD v/s HDD – SPEED TEST- PERFORMANCE – COMPARISON:- What’s up guys I’m Om Prakash here from IND Hindi Tech so today in this article I’m going to discuss about hard disk drives and solid disk drives so whenever we have to buy a laptop, computer, or have to assemble it manually we are pretty much sure about their component like processor graphics card ram but when it’s come to storage we always have a doubt in our mind whether we should go with a hard disk drive or have to go over with solid disk drive so today in this article I’ll tell which one is a better option for You. So let’s get started.

Introduction To HDD & SDD

Most of the time You have seen people compare these two drives head to head but as we cannot have apple to apple comparison same way we cannot compare these two drives the main reason behind it is the way they process the data, hard disk drive uses mechanical way to read and write the data on another hand solid disk drive use logical way to store the data first we will try to understand how hard disk drive Works.

How Hard Disk Drive Works


A hard disk drive uses a small moving part to seek out the data on a spinning platter mechanically this is based on a legacy technology remember lp recorder where it has a head and a magnetic disk run below it same way a hard disk works where we have several platters mounted over each other and ahead process data from it and typically the data is stored in the form of track and segment the speed of processing the data depends upon RPM that is revolution per minute higher the number of revolution higher the number of reads and write the data.

So in a normal hard disk drive RPM varies from 5400 to 7200 RPM and it goes up to 10,000 rpm and in some of enterprise hard disks it can go up to 1500 RPM as well.



Now when we talk about solid disk drive it uses flash memory which is based on nand logic to store and circulate the data nand is not an acronym but it’s a logic circuit refers to not an and gate which stores the data as the quantity of electron also known as charge flash trap in simple term it uses a digital way to store the data which make it blazing fast compared to hard disk drive mainly when the system wants to transmit small pack of data all over the time all over the places so when you want to run something like an operating system a game or a complicated application where they want to interact with your system all the time with a small package of data here solid disk drive kills hard disk drive response time drastically.

For example the boot time of window OS ( OPERATING SYSTEM) using a solid disk drive take less than 10 seconds however at the same time hard disk drive takes more than 20 to 30 second to boot.

A mechanical way to store the data in the hard disk drive, It makes it less reliable in other departments as well first when we talk about power consumption, since there are “no any moving part in solid disk drive” it consumes less power compared to a hard disk drive which allows Laptop or Computer to run long last on a battery.

Now coming to reliability absence of a moving part, In solid disk drive make it more reliable which helps in reducing the vibration and the shock resistance as compared to the hard disk drive.

Also, the solid disk drive is much more durable as compared to a hard disk drive which ensures to keep data secure in case of accidental drop and wear and tear since solid disk drives have none of the small moving parts they are less prone to failure.

The average life cycle of a hard disk drive is two to three year but it also depends upon the usage however solid disk drive has six to seven-year of self-life but again depend upon the uses. If you keep your solid disk drive full more than 80 to 90 percent, it needs to send and receive more complicated logic and this reduces its life cycle.

Now after having all these advantages we are not using solid disc drive for mass storage the reason behind it is the cost price involved behind it so when you compare the price of one terabyte of a solid disk drive with the one terabyte of hard disk drive so you will find that one terabyte of solid disk drive will cost you approx 12000 rupees but on the other hand hard disk drive will cost you only 3000 rupees, which also means if you use hard disk drive you will get 4 times more storage compared to the solid disk drive.

So what we can do to get the maximum benefit out of these two drives the best answer is to go for a hybrid system where you can have a solid disk drive for your operating system games antivirus and other applications where the high speed of data transfer is required and rest where you need constant streaming of data to use hard disk drive, like your photos, videos, and music.

Now the latest upgrade of the solid disk drive is M 2.0 where we have the almost same advantage in a smaller size this looks like similar to ram.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Full Form Of SSD?

SDD Stands For Solid State Drive.

What Is the Full Form Of HDD?

HDD Stands For Hard Disk Drive.

Which One Is Better SDD or HDD?

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