Physics Practical File For Class 12 – PDF Download

Physics Practical File For Class 12: Are you preparing for your Class 12 exams? If so, you should download and use this physics practical file. This file includes all the Practical from the current syllabus of Class 12 Physics and It will help you to prepare for the exams. We recommend that you print out a copy of this file and study it in advance so that you can ace your exams.

Physics Practical File For Class 12

The Class 12 CBSE Physics Practicals are an Important Part of the assessment process and contribute to the subject’s final mark. Students become extremely busy with their topic preparation as the CBSE exams approach. However, the CBSE Class 12 practical exam, which carries 30 points, is an important factor in the exam. To properly understand all of the concepts of CBSE 12th class Physics, students must be familiar with all of the experiments as well as the theorems, laws, and numerical. You can also get the Physics Practical Class 12 pdf download for free.

CBSE Physics Practicals for Class 12
CBSE Physics Practicals for Class 12

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Topics To Be Covered

Physics Practicals For Class 12 CBSE is given here so that You all can understand the experiments in a better way. We recommend you to study the theory and law behind the experiment properly from Physics Lab Manual Class 12 before performing the experiment, in order to get better marks in CBSE Class 12 Physics Practical, Please revise your all concept clearly.

  1. To determine the resistivity of two / three wires by plotting a graph between potential difference versus current.
  2. To find the resistance of a given wire / standard resistor using metre bridge and hence determine the resistivity (Specific Resistance) of its Material.
  3. To compare the EMF of two given primary cells using a potentiometer.
  4. To determine the resistance of a galvanometer by half-deflection method and to find its figure of merit.
  5. To draw the I-V characteristic curve for a p-n junction in forward bias and reverse bias.
  6. To determine the angle of minimum deviation for a given prism by plotting a graph between angle of incidence and angle of deviation.
  7. To find the focal length of a convex lens by plotting graphs between u and v or between 1/u and 1/v.
  8. To determine the refractive index of a glass slab using a travelling microscope.

Class 12 Physics Activities Topic

  1. To measure resistance, voltage (AC/DC), current (AC), and check continuity of a given circuit using a multimeter.
  2. To assemble the components of a given electrical circuit.
  3. To draw the diagram of a given open circuit comprising at least a battery, resistor/rheostat, key, ammeter, and voltmeter. Mark the components that are not connected in proper order and correct the circuit and the circuit diagram.
  4. To identify a diode, an LED, a resistor, and a capacitor from a mixed collection of such items.
  5. Use of multimeter to see the unidirectional flow of current in the case of a diode and an LED and check whether a given electronic component (e.g., diode) is in working order.
  6. To study the nature and size of the image formed by a (i) convex lens, and (ii) concave mirror on a screen by using a candle and a screen (for different distances of the candle from the lens/mirror).

Preview Of CBSE Physics Practical File For Class 12

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You are now ready to perform experiments and start asking questions in classrooms. In case you are unable to do so, don’t worry because we also have conducted a few practice exams where you can attempt them without fear of failing. Keep practicing until your scores begin reflecting on their quality.
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Frequently Asked Question

How Much Marks Of Physics Practical Carry

30, including Projects and activities

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Related to experiment.

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