Loose Weight In 3 Weeks

Loose Weight In 3 Weeks:- As we all know that to loose weight we performs different types of exercises like cardio which includes running, cycling , rope skipping, jumping jacks, mountain climbing and many more. Weight training is also very effective for weight loss, and a caloric deficit diet plays an important role in weight loss.

1.What is the role of diet in weight loss?

According to our body weight, age, height and our activity level of the day we need calories from our daily diet. Mainly 3 types of calories levels are there-

(A) Maintenance calories Diet 

This diet includes calories where body weight remains constant.

Loose Weight In 3 Weeks

(B) Caloric Surplus Diet  

This Diet includes calories more than maintenance calories which ultimately leads to increase in your body weight and causes various problem in your body. You can better understand this through the below image.

Loose Weight In 3 Weeks

(C) Caloric Deficit Diet  

Calories less than maintenance calories, by following this type of diet plan you will start losing weight due to low calories in your diet.

Loose Weight In 3 Weeks

What Is Keto Diet

Keto diet which is also a caloric deficit diet with low carbohydrates and includes healthy fats and proteins as macronutrient and vegetables and some low GI ( glycemic index) fruits to fulfil the body’s vitamin and mineral requirements.  

For ultimate keto diet plans check this……

2. Burn More Calories (Without Exercise)

In order to burn more calories without exercise try out the below steps, which will definitely help you to burn more calories and ultimately it will leads to loose weight easily.

  1. Dance around the house to your favorite tunes.
  2. Run around with your dog in the mornings and evenings.
  3. Join a sport and meet new friends.
  4. Try out something new every week or month.
  5. In the winter, check out the local hills.
  6. Meet your friends in the park or at the beach for a game of football or badminton instead of going to a bar or café for a drink and more junk food.
  7. Become a tourist in your home town and walk around the sights.

To burn more calories without exercise you just NEEDS to increase your activity level of the day and try to do some physical movements in a very simple ways without giving special time to workout by just stopping using your comfort technology, like prefer yourself, to use stairs instead of elevators or lift. 

For short distance use cycle or by walk, start playing with your child some physical games in your free time etc. Like this there are so many others ways to burn calories and by following a keto diet you make your weight loss journey very easy and effective.

And if you have a very busy schedule then check it…….

In all this the main role is played by our diet which is (almost 80%),so don’t skip this.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to loose weight in 3 week?

Yes, it is possible to loose weight in 3 weeks in order to loose weight in 3 weeks kindly go through the above article.

Is there Any side effects of Keto Diet On our Health?

No, keto diet has no side effects on our health, Infact it will help to maintain your required calories in your body.

Who can try keto diet?

Any one who wants to loose weight.

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