Life Cycle of Taenia Solium With PowerPoint Presentation

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Cestodes Belong to the class Cestoda Of Phylum Platyhelminthes And Are Exclusively endoparasites. They Differ from turbellarians and termatodes in the total absence of a digestive tract. They are commonly known as TapeWorm for their long, flat, and ribbon-like form. Genus Taenia includes several species parasitizing man and domestic animals. Common examples are Taenia Solium (The Pork Tapeworm), and Taenia Signata (The Beef Tapeworm). 

Taenia Solium. Taenia Solium PowerPoint Presentation.

Systematic Position 

  • Phylum – Plathyhelminthes 
  • Class- Cestoda 
  • Sub-class- Eucestoda
  • Order- Taenioidae (= Cyclophyllidea) 
  • Family – Taenidae
  • Genus- Taenia
  • Species – Solium 

Habit And Habitat 

Taenia Solium, like Fasciola Hepatica, completes Its life cycle in two Hosts. Primary Host is Man, While Secondary Host is Pig

External Morphology 

It is usually opaque white in color but creamish, yellowish or, greyish colration is also common. The Body is 1 to 5 meters long and flattened like a ribbon or tape. 


The Elongated body of the tapeworm is divided into a great number of parts of segments, called proglottids, possibly up to about 850 altogether. 


It represents the anterior end of the Body. It is knob-like, biradially symmetrical, and 0.6 to 1 mm wide. 


It is a well-defined, short narrow, and unsegmented region behind Scolex. 


It forms the main bulk of the body. It consists of 800 to 1000 segments or proglottids arranged in a linear series in a chain-like fashion. 


A Small group of gravid proglottids regularly detach from the posterior end of strobia and pass Pigott with three host feces. 

Body Wall

Like flukes, Tapeworm also lacks a cellular or ciliated epidermis. Layers of body wall from the surface are:-

  1. Tagument. 
  2. Basement Membrane. 
  3. Integumentary Muscles. 
  4. Parenchyma 


Tapeworm completely lacks alimentation in all stages of life History. The pre-digested food in the host’s small intestine (especially ileum) is the chief source of nourishment for Tapeworm. 


Respiration of tapeworm is mainly anaerobic or anoxybiotic. 

Excretory and osmoregulatory system 

It consists of:- 

  1. Lateral Longitudinal Canals
  2. Secondary Canals
  3. Capillaries and 
  4. Flame cells. 

Nervous System 

The Nervous system of taenia solium has not been thoroughly examined so far. 

Reproductive System 

All Tapeworms except Dioecocestus(a genus allied to Taenia), are Hermaphrodites. 

Male Reproductive System Consists of:-

  1. Testes. 
  2. Vasa Efferentia. 
  3. Vas Deferens. 
  4. Cirrus. 
  5. Genital atrium. 

Female Reproductive System Consists of:-

  1. Ovary. 
  2. Oviduct. 
  3. Ootype. 
  4. Vagina. 
  5. Vitelline gland. 
  6. Uterus. 

Life History And Development. 

It Involve the following stages. 

  1. Copulation and Fertilization. 
  2. Capsule Formation. 
  3. Onchosphere Formation. 
  4. Hexacanth And Onchosphere. 
  5. Infection to secondary Host (Pig). 
  6. Migration within Secondary Host. 
  7. Cysticercus or Bladderworm Formation. 
  8. Infection to Primary Host (Man). 

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