How Modern Punjabi Music Sound?

Gems of modern music of the Punjabi zone. India is the definition of diversity in itself. Everything out of here is of a rich flavour. When it comes to music we get our flavour to every music out there!

I’m writing this article while listening to my banger playlist on Spotify and it was Talwiinder and A P Dhillon who made me to write this.

Coming straight to the point the Punjabi music industry has been adopted by the whole of India and the world too. I love Punjabi music personally because, It doesn’t need a lot of prerequisites to vibe and has every flavour.

There have been a lot of great artists in the Punjabi music industry and modern pop and hip-hop are getting higher too. Some of the best and my favourite artists from modern Punjabi music are:-


Talwiinder Spotify Music Playlist
687,910 monthly listeners till December 2022

Talwinder is the epitome of the modern pop of Punjab. Talwiinder is one of the artists who will be on a loop even after a few songs. He has very catchy and deeply emotional songs that you’ll not get out of your mind.

Songs like Nasha, Gallan 4 and Dhundla are splendid. ‘Someone like me’ is a banger as well as an experimental song, I had never heard a Punjabi song like that before. Talwiinder x NDS songs are fire for sure the production and musicality are awesome.

The best parts are his Vocals and style which give him a confidential character. Talwiinder slays the Punjabi vocals with modern elements, Synth, drill(Gaah), Groove, etc.

Some of The Best Music Of Talwiinder:-

Even with sick vedios and label support like Sony music the bars are still untouched
How Modern Punjabi Music Sound?
His latest track Dhundla with Yashraj is viral in India and Pakistan.He said on his release event that his philosophy is to blend Punjabi culture with contemporary trance.Why he is still so underrated?
Tawiinder is so versatile with his musicality. He can slay on love songs, heartbreak songs to drill songs and hard-flow songs.


‘We rolling’ was the debut track that made him famous even without a video, he crossed 100 million views on his audio track. His major songs are based on hip-hop and pop music. His production stands ahead in terms of retention and vibe. Songs like No love, elevated, and Baller sets high bars and showed his musical versatility.

Shubh The Punjabi Singer
Image Source-Google

Do Listen To This Music From Shubh

Next level catchy song!


Yet another Canada based indain artist with mesmerising musicality. He is a veteran in the industry and done songs with artists like The Sidhu moosewala. Songs like kinna chir, sonhe lagde, secrets , On my own made me listen to him more. His vocals and beats are amazing! Modern pop with thet Punjabi is a fire blend from these artists.

Viral melodies.
How Modern Punjabi Music Sound?
Fly High Slayers! This Is going to be even more ahead. BILLBOARDS!! Image Source- Google


Artists like AP Dhillon (Songs like Toxic, Insane and Desires ) Sidhu Moosewala, Karan Aujla, Pav Dharia and Diljit Dosanjh are very prominent names in this wave.

Mickey Singh, Jasmine sandlas, Rish, Hassan Raheem and many artists have bestowed us the best. Armaan Malik, Kalamkaar, Yashraj, Gully Gang, Zack night and more artists have their place in the waves.

We must appreciate the Element and Experimental thing out of an artist because it gives them a place to explore and feel better. High hopes for Indian Music scene to be even bigger! Collaborations, Yeah! we need to see more frequently.

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