Gaban Novel Summary | Gaban Novel Summary in English by Premchand | गबन उपन्यास का सारांश

Gaban Novel Summary | Gaban Novel Summary in English by Premchand | गबन उपन्यास का सारांश

Munshi Premchand is a famous writer and novelist, whose works have deep experience of various aspects of Indian society. GABAN is an important novel of hers, in which she has presented the fascination of Indian women’s ornaments and the influence of women on their husband’s life in a live way. So, today in this post we will share a summary of Munshi Premchand’s famous novel GABAN! So let’s start with the Gaban Novel Summary in English.

Before, this we want to let you know that the book Gaban Is written in the Hindi Language.

Table Of Contents

Author’s background and qualifications

Premchand was one of the most renowned and influential writers of Hindi and Urdu literature in India. He was born in 1880 in Lamhi, a village near Varanasi. He started writing at a young age and published his first collection of short stories in 1907. He wrote over a dozen novels, hundreds of short stories, essays, letters, and plays. He also edited several literary magazines and journals. He was known for his realistic and socialistic style of writing that depicted the lives and struggles of the common people. He was also a staunch critic of colonialism, feudalism, casteism, communalism, and patriarchy. He died in 1936 at the age of 56.

Main topic or theme of the book

The main topic or theme of the book is the impact of women’s desire for jewelry on their husbands’ lives and the social and moral issues that arise from it. The book also depicts a realistic picture of middle-class life and mentality in colonial India.

Key ideas or arguments presented

The book presents the following key ideas or arguments:

  • The excessive craving for jewelry can lead to dishonesty, corruption, embezzlement, and crime among men who want to please their wives.
  • The women who are obsessed with jewelry are often ignorant, naive, and superficial, and do not understand the value of money or the hardships of their husbands.
  • The jewelry also becomes a symbol of status, pride, and competition among women, which creates jealousy, envy, and conflict among them.
  • The jewelry also exposes the women to the risk of theft, robbery, and violence, as they become easy targets for criminals and opportunists.
  • The jewelry also affects the marital relationship between the husband and wife, as it creates mistrust, misunderstanding, and resentment between them.
  • The jewelry also influences the political and social scenario of the country, as it reflects the colonial exploitation, oppression, and injustice that the Indians face from the British.

Main Characters Of GABAN Novel

  • Jalpa – Main Character
  • Ramanath – Nayak (Jalpa’s husband)
  • Deendayal – Father of Jalpa
  • Dayanath – Ramanath’s father
  • Jogeshwari – Ramanath’s mother
  • Ratan – Jalpa’s friend

Chapter titles or main sections of the book

The book is divided into two main sections: one related to Prayag (Allahabad) and the other related to Kolkata (Calcutta). The chapters are as follows:

  1. Prayag se sambandhit (Related to Prayag)
  • Chandrahar ki lalsa (The desire for a necklace)
  • Ghar ki haalat (The condition of the house)
  • Gahnon ka sandook (The box of jewels)
  • Chori ka bahaana (The excuse of theft)
  • Naukri ki chinta (The worry of employment)
  • Ratan ka takaza (Ratan’s demand)
  • Gaban ka maamla (The case of embezzlement)
  • Patra ka prabhav (The effect of the letter)
  1. Kolkata se sambandhit (Related to Kolkata)
  • Kunjada aur uski patni (Kunjada and his wife)
  • Police ka jaal (The trap of the police)
  • Jalpa ki khoj (The search for Jalpa)
  • Ratan ki sahayata (Ratan’s help)
  • Krantikaariyon ke viruddh gawahi (The testimony against the revolutionaries)
  • Patra ka prakashan (The publication of the letter)
  • Nyayalaya mein saamna (The confrontation in the court)
  • Upasamhaar (Conclusion)

Key takeaways or conclusions

The key takeaways or conclusions from the book are:

  • The book shows how a small desire can have enormous consequences on one’s life and society.
  • The book exposes the moral decay and corruption that pervaded Indian society under British rule.
  • The book also highlights the role of women in shaping their husbands’ destinies and characters.
  • The book also portrays the awakening of nationalism and patriotism among the Indians who fought against British tyranny.
  • The book also suggests that honesty, simplicity, and love are more valuable than wealth, glamour, and jewelry.
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Comparison to other books on the same subject

Gaban is one of Premchand’s most popular and acclaimed novels. It is considered his second realistic novel after Nirmala. It is also compared to his other novels such as Godaan, Karmabhoomi, Rangbh

Key takeaways from each chapter of Gaban Novel Summary – गबन by प्रेमचंद 

Gaban Novel Summary | Gaban Novel Summary in English by Premchand | गबन उपन्यास का सारांश

Chapter 1:

Jalpa, the daughter of a wealthy lawyer, is obsessed with jewelry, especially a necklace. She marries Ramanath, a clerk who pretends to be rich in front of her.

Chapter 2:

Ramanath’s father, Dayanath, is in debt after spending lavishly on the wedding. He secretly asks Ramanath to bring some of Jalpa’s jewels to repay the loan.

Chapter 3:

Ramanath reluctantly agrees to his father’s request and steals Jalpa’s jewelry box. He lies to her that a thief stole it. He feels guilty and ashamed of his act.

Chapter 4:

Jalpa is devastated by the loss of her jewels. She suspects Ramanath’s involvement but does not confront him. She also receives a necklace from her mother as a gift but refuses to accept it out of pride.

Chapter 5:

Ramanath gets a job in the customs office with the help of his friends Vidhur and Ramesh Babu. He tells Jalpa that his salary is forty rupees instead of thirty. He also decides to buy her some jewelry with his savings.

Chapter 6:

Ratan, the wife of a lawyer named Indubhushan, admires Jalpa’s bangles and asks Ramanath to get her a similar pair. She gives him six hundred rupees for that purpose.

Chapter 7:

Ramanath takes the money to the jeweler but refuses to give him the bangles on credit. He also deposits the money in Ramanath’s account without his knowledge.

Chapter 8:

Ratan keeps demanding the bangles from Ramanath. He tries to avoid her but she threatens to expose him. He finally brings the customs money home to pay her back.

Chapter 9:

In Ramanath’s absence, Ratan comes to his house and asks for her money. Jalpa gives her the money without knowing its source. She thinks that Ramanath has borrowed it from someone.

Chapter 10:

When Ramanath returns home, he is shocked to find out that Jalpa has given away the money. He realizes that he has committed embezzlement and fears arrest. He writes a letter to Jalpa explaining everything and runs away from home.

Chapter 11:

Jalpa finds the letter and reads it. She is stunned by Ramanath’s confession and feels betrayed by him. She decides to sell her jewelry and return the customs money.

Chapter 12:

The story shifts to Kolkata, where Ramanath takes shelter with Kunjada and his wife, who are sympathetic to him. He also meets a revolutionary named Nandu who inspires him with his patriotic ideals.

Chapter 13:

Jalpa sells her jewelry and pays back the customs money. She also writes a letter to Ramanath asking him to come back home. She hopes that he will reform himself and start a new life with her.

Chapter 14:

Kunjada and his wife try to persuade Ramanath to go back to Jalpa but he refuses. He feels unworthy of her love and forgiveness. He also fears that the police will catch him if he returns.

Chapter 15:

The police raid Kunjada’s house and arrest Ramanath on suspicion of being involved in a robbery case. They torture him and force him to become an informer against the revolutionaries.

Chapter 16:

Jalpa arrives in Kolkata in search of Ramanath. She meets Vidhur who tells her about his arrest and imprisonment. She also meets Nandu who promises to help her free him.

Chapter 17:

Nandu arranges for Jalpa to meet Ramanath in jail. They have an emotional reunion and express their love for each other. Ramanath apologizes for his mistakes and asks for her forgiveness.

Chapter 18:

Jalpa hires Indubhushan as Ramanath’s lawyer and hopes for his acquittal. She also meets Ratan who regrets her role in ruining their lives. She offers to testify in their favor in court.

Chapter 19:

The trial begins and Ramanath is accused of being an accomplice in the robbery case. The prosecution presents false witnesses and evidence against him. Indubhushan tries to defend him but faces many obstacles.

Chapter 20:

Nandu testifies as an eyewitness and proves that

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